You gotta close your space. But how?

Covid-19 is impacting every industry and economy around the world, including coworking and flexible workspace.

All of the data is showing that closing your space for a few weeks to months is currently the only guaranteed way to stop the spread of this deadly virus that is overwhelming hospitals around the world.

If you aren't already planning to close your space, now is the time to start.

But how can you close...without going out of business?

Indy Hall closed our doors on Monday March 16th. We can't predict the future, or even really plan for it given how quickly things are changing and the number of unknowns at play.

But we can protect ourselves and our communities NOW, and give ourselves the best shot of opening up again when this whole thing is over.

I'm planning to share:

🗣 How we communicated the closure to our members, staff, and the public, and how we continue to communicate updates.

📭 How we’re handling logistics (things like mail, members picking up their belongings to work from home)

💬 How we’ve started using online tools to facilitate coworking (yes, real coworking!), educational and social events, and even keep supporting the public meetups that we typically host every week.

📈 How we’ve retained nearly 100% of our members, and even had new ones sign up while our space is closed.

This isn't theoretical stuff, it's what we've actually done so far and how it's working.

I'll also answer questions at the end to the best of my ability, with the caveat that I am NOT an expert in the virus itself, or local jurisdictions.

Watch the free video event right on this page to learn how we did it.

It is 100% free and open.

This was recorded live for an audience of 200+ owners, staff, members of coworking spaces around the world.

If you are in contact with people at other spaces in your region, please forward and share this page around. My hope is that these lessons reach and help as many people as possible.

Drop your name and email in the box below to get access to the example communication discussed in this talk, as well as bonus lessons on specific tools and techniques for helping your community move online. 👇

If you watch this and it helps you, I'd love to hear about it. Email me anytime,

We're in this together. We'll figure it out.

In the mean time, please remember to wash your damn hands.

❤️ Alex Hillman, Indy Hall

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